Both at her San Francisco office and online, Nellie offers individuals and couples coaching. Her personalized approach often blends the two into “depth-oriented” coaching – that is, life coaching that draws upon psychological tools and theory. This work guides you where you want to go, by deeply honoring how you became who you are.

Nellie welcomes consultations with individuals and couples, working to accomplish a lot and within the time frame that works for them:

  • Adults: No one’s life is perfect, at least all the time! With this in mind, Nellie works together with adults of all ages to address sticking points, navigate transitions, and overcome challenges. Through a positive and supportive framework of therapy and coaching, she provides guidance to help clients get their lives back on track, surmount obstacles, and reach their goals.
  • Late Teens & Young Adults: The transition from childhood to adulthood is often fraught with challenges: depression, parental discord or divorce, peer groups, school issues, identity and self-esteem. Nellie works with young people to express and share their concerns, develop ways to overcome them, and rediscover well-being and hope as they move forward into the world.
  • Couples: Relationships can bring us the most happiness – and the most distress. Nellie consults with a wide range of couples or partners – in marriage, romantic relationships, business, families, or friends that have gotten off track. Her approach is to respect and build trust with both parties, isolate the sources of friction, and work to align their goals to achieve mutual accord and satisfaction.

Here are some questions that Nellie can help answer and work through:

  • I’m stuck. How can I move forward?
  • My partner and I are in a bad place. How can we change this dynamic and thrive again?
  • I’m unmotivated and maybe depressed. How do I get out of this funk?
  • Nothing is turning out as I had hoped. What can I do to achieve my goals?
  • Things seem very muddled and challenging. How can I move through this & improve my life?
  • My parents are always criticizing. How can I get them to stop pressuring me?
  • Things are fine, but I know they can be better. How do I bridge that gap?
  • Something awful happened and I can’t get over the pain. How can I get past this?
  • I’m unhappy and sad. How do I bring joy back into my life?


Nellie offers 60-minute sessions for $250, and 90-minute sessions for $400. This applies to individual coaching , couple’s coaching , and group coaching. The 60-minute sessions work well with weekly meetings within the standard coaching model of ongoing, consistent support.

Longer sessions are better when a person wants one-time advice or feedback or if someone prefers a more in-depth session.