About Nellie’s Approach

Nellie’s attitude toward life focuses on Hope, Empathy, Results and Optimism. These HERO qualities are ones she looks to share as she works with clients to empower the hero in all of us.

Both personally and professionally, Nellie is driven to better understand humanity through the narratives that we each live by and live for. Today, as a therapist and depth-oriented life coach, she listens and tunes into her clients and their stories: the stories they tell themselves; the stories they hear about themselves; the unfulfilled stories that must be released and redefined; and the stories of hope and happiness they are meant to live.

Nellie believes that the patterns and symbols in our lives draw from familiar energies far beyond our conscious understanding. With an M.S. in Counseling & Clinical Psychology, Nellie specializes in guiding and mentoring individuals who are grappling with life challenges, sticking points, transitions and deep-seated distress. Her unique approach includes building a frame to help individuals meaningfully reconnect with themselves, find strength and hope, and create a new storyline that empowers their future.

More About Nellie

“I remain both curious and bold in my search for understanding and achieving grace, while living the human experience.”

Nellie Rodgers was raised in Philadelphia. She attended Scripps College in Claremont, California, and, inspired by her mother, a Jungian analyst, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Moving to Northern California, she began a 25-year career as strategic marketing executive in the publishing, media, technology and hospitality industries. Along the way, Nellie studied in Florence, Italy, for two years, and traveled extensively throughout the world.

Several years ago, Nellie suffered the loss of her husband to depression. This tragedy precipitated a change in her career path and activated a passion to shed light on the isolation and stigma of those with mental illness. Making a major life shift, she decided to re-focus her energies by supporting individuals who want to make positive changes in their lives. This led her to obtain Master of Science double-major degrees in Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology from Dominican University in San Rafael, California, where she also worked for two years as a full-time mental health counselor for the student body. Since her personal loss, she has also become a speaker and advocate to raise awareness of the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

Through the years, Nellie has been an active participant in her community. She has served on committees for Global Green and the Audubon Center, and on the Board of Trustees for a flagship Montessori School. For the past four years, Nellie has been on the Board of Trustees of Bring Change to Mind, a nonprofit organization that encourages dialogue about mental health, and to raising awareness, understanding, and empathy.

Nellie’s quest for meaning through self-exploration has led her on a dynamic life path. It is one filled with years of Jungian therapy; and self-discovery experiences that include travel, wilderness adventures, athletics, yoga, and silent meditation retreats. Nellie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the mother of two.

Today, it is Nellie’s pleasure and privilege to work with clients to help them create the life they want to live.