Nellie works with individuals, from late teens to adults of all ages, and couples who face challenges, sticking points, or life transitions. She helps them reframe their life stories to gain fresh insights and create a new narrative of hope and happiness for the future.

Nellie supports her clients by reality-testing their core beliefs about themselves – beliefs often tied to hurtful or negative storylines. We are all shaped by our histories and life experiences. However, these histories do not need to define or burden us as we pursue the positive life we are meant to live.

Through narrative tools and interventions she has developed, Nellie helps individuals craft a new way forward. This empowers them to align with possibilities of the present, while gently releasing pain tied to unfulfilled storylines of the past. She helps clients find silver linings and hope within the context of their challenges, supporting them as they build constructive new narratives around their life stories.

About Nellie

Nellie’s attitude toward life focuses on Hope, Empathy, Results and Optimism. These HERO qualities are ones she looks to share as she works with clients to empower the hero in all of us.

With an M.S. in Counseling & Clinical Psychology, Nellie specializes in guiding and mentoring individuals who are grappling with life challenges, transitions and deep-seated distress. Her unique approach includes building a frame to help individuals reconnect with themselves, find strength and hope, and create a new storyline for their future.

Nellie serves on the board of trustees for Bring Change to Mind, a nonprofit whose mission is to eliminate the discrimination and stigma surrounding mental illness.


Nellie offers depth-oriented life coaching, and goal-setting programs. For a complimentary consultation, an appointment, or more information, please go to her contact page. Nellie works at her San Francisco office and over the phone, Zoom, and Skype. Services Include:
  • In-person sessions
  • Video/tele-health sessions via Zoom and Skype
  • Telephone sessions


Nellie works at her San Francisco office and over the phone, Zoom, and Skype.



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